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Kathryn Elizabeth Ann

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i get awkward when someone compliments me and idk what to say
  • someone: you look pretty today
  • me: happy birthday
I just want you all to know…

If you ever want someone to talk to, I just want you to know, you can always talk to me. I hear I give good advice, and I can be here to just listen, I’m a good listener. I hate how people think they’re alone, or are too scared to talk to someone they know in fear of judgement. I don’t judge. Message me if you want someone to talk to(: You’re not the only one with baggage, or family problems. You’re not the only screw up. I promise, I’m just as bad.


Gah ! I’m so mad. My ¬†nipple ring is hurting like a bitch and it’s migrating. Whatthefuck. If I have to get this one taken out I will be so pissed.¬†

This Amanda Todd thing is getting out of control… I don’t see how she gets so much publicity because she committed suicide . Ya it’s really sad and her parents must feel terrible, but having it plastered everywhere they look must be even harder for them to try and cope with. I don’t think I have ever see so much hype over someone committing suicide without it being a discrimination issue. To all the suicidal and really depressed kids out there it makes it seem like it’s okay because the world will end up grieving for you… It’s not okay. Bullying is wrong, but to promote one girls death that no one even knows is even worse. I’m all for bully prevention but without one person being the main reason why, because she wasn’t the only one bullied, or depressed, or suicidal. America is only focusing on her, not the rest of the kids and adults with such problems. All we can do is raise awareness, tell adults, etc. Not put pictures all over the internet of ONE person, why not everyone else who has committed suicide ? Kids will never stop bullying. To this day people are still saying hateful things about her… All you can do is try and raise awareness but not like this whole Amanda Todd thing…

Wiz Khalifa’s laugh = SEX<3


God. Can’t you just talk to a guy without them having to be all nasty and pervy. I just want to be friends. No I will not talk dirty with you. No I won’t send you pictures. No I won’t have sex with you. I have morals, thanks. Holy cow. Can I not just be friends with you without you having to be friends with my vagina too ?

Hi, Ex Boyfriend. Um…

Fuck you. Stay in my life or GET THE FUCK OUT. You’re confusing the hell out of my heart… Seriously man. Please, tell me, what do you want ! ?

In the end, we&#8217;re created exactly the same as the person who is being picked on. Think of yourself and what you look like on the inside because years from now, appearence will change but inside you won&#8217;t.
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